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James and Kate Clairmont, with their two school-aged kids, Theo and Lily, follow pasture-fed, ethical farming practices in order to bring you fresh, healthy sheep milk products.

Currently we are milking 200 dairy-breed ewes daily, we allow the lambs to stay with their mum until they’re about six weeks old and ready to be weaned as this is much kinder and healthier for both ewe and lamb. The ewes then graze all day on the green pastures or snooze under a shady tree before meandering down to the milking shed.


better for you – & ewe


naturally A2, naturally homogenised

Sheep milk is naturally homogenised, therefore it is lovely and creamy with a velvet-like texture. Almost twice the calcium, and much higher in protein and amino acids than cow milk, sheep milk is an A2 milk and generally suitable for people who have lactose sensitivity.


The environmental footprint of a sheep is also significantly different to that of a cow as they do not like to wade in waterways and are only milked for 5-6 months a year. The natural creamy qualities of sheep milk make beautiful cheese and we are thrilled to be working with the talented team at Hohepa only 20min from our farm gate. 

Widely renowned for producing the best cheese in the Hawke's Bay, the vast experience of the Hohepa cheesemakers brings out the absolute best in our milk and we are very proud to work alongside such an inspirational organisation. We currently produce Te Mata Blue, Tuki Tuki Gold Danbo, Clive Cumino a cumin seed Danbo, Craggy Range Pecorino, Ocean Beach Feta and a Spanish-style Maraetotara Manchego.


"Delicious cheese, all made with love and just around the corner from us, when you're driving through the gates across the grassy paddocks you know the milk will be world class, followed by the cheese. It’s a great reflection of Hawke’s Bay and we love using it!"

– Casey McDonald, Head Chef, Craggy Range Vineyards Ltd


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