welcome to craggy range sheep dairy

Nestled in the foothills of the Craggy Range in the beautiful Tuki Tuki Valley, you will find our boutique, artisan sheep dairy, where our happy ewes feed off lush pasture and lounge under the shade of an abundance of trees.

Our philosophy is simple, nurture and love our animals and in return they provide us with the most delectable, creamy milk

Better for Ewe....& You!

Kate and James Clairmont

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James and Kate Clairmont, with their two school-aged kids, Theo and Lily, follow pasture-fed, ethical farming practices in order to bring you fresh, healthy sheep milk products.


the sheep milk difference

Sheep milk is naturally homogenised, therefore it is lovely and creamy with a velvet-like texture. Almost twice the calcium, and much higher in protein and amino acids than cow milk, sheep milk is an A2 milk and suitable for people who have lactose sensitivity.